Toddler Head & Neck Safety Pillow

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Breastfeeding Pillow with a Detachable Headrest

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Similar product will cost £25 on




When a baby is dozing off in a car, the fragile small head often sleeps and sleeps, while the parents who look at it are very painful.

Comfortable and soft baby head protection pillow that gently supports and protects your baby’s fragile head and neck.

When the baby is fit in a safety seat or trolley, the baby can have a safe and comfortable car environment.



Product Name: baby head protection stereotype pillow cervical pillow safety seat pillow anti-head baby pillow

Product size: 25*23cm

Product material: peach transfer

Product weight: 75 grams

Style: Comet, fox, colorful, stars, circle

Package Included: 1*U-shaped pillow


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